Mastery assistance

Consulting / Assitance Synergies progress assists clients in defining and steering the implementation of changes in their information system. Our services:

AMOA/ AMOE Controlling processes and the roles of project management , Synergies Progress intervene throughout the life cycle of a project, from the expression needs to live up to approval phases and into production. As such, Synergies Progress is responsible for: - The feasibility study and project feasibility .
- The realization of the specification: definition - both functional and technical , and quality standards provisions needs ...
- Technological choices solutions adopted.
- The technical implementation of solutions.
- Quality control and compliance projects.
- The control and coordination of project stakeholders ,
- The conduct of tender procedures and - the procurement and / or orders,
- The definition and implementation of the communication plan and training
- The preparation, implementation , coaching , functional and technical user support sites.
- Verification of deliverables in accordance with the specifications ,

Urbanization and director of SI scheme: Synergies progress implements a process of urbanization IF that allows its customers to lead the ongoing transformation of the information system by ensuring: A better view of SI

Tools for reflection on the evolution of SI to - To achieve the operational performance
- A return on your IT spending
- Respond optimally to new needs.
Other Mission Synergies Progress is to define a director according to the strategy and needs of its customers scheme .
Synergies and progress is able to establish :
- Master plans of operation,
- Diagrams strategic ,
- Diagrams operational ,
- Diagrams micro and office managers ...

Integration SI: Synergies progress with you from start to finish in the design and implementation of a scalable shaped to your business . Our steps include: - Understanding of your business ,
- Mapping the necessary integration overlooked SI in place,
- Understanding of your goals,
- Proposals for solutions to achieve the objectives.
- The budgetary impact of these decisions,
- Advice for achieving the objectives at lower coût.le planning.

Project Management : Supervise large teams , which may be made of the staff of your company as well as our employees and our partners , Synergies Progress comes in :
- Preparatory Phase: formalize the project , ensure the realization of the project, then consider the purpose of the project to ensure that its implementation is relevant and it enters your business strategy . Progress synergies ensures the development documents formalizing the project and indicating the organizational conditions.
- Phase: Synergies Progress the conduct of the project during the operational phase of creation of the work. The work begins with the receipt of specifications and ends with the delivery of the item.
- Phase of Project Completion : For the start of production of the book, Synergies progress ensures that the work meets your expectations and ensure that the installation and use ` completes successfully

Design implementation and integration software

Integrator software Synergies progress strategic partner , has expertise and business knowledge that allows it to support its customers in their growth through - A functional approach : study and analysis of the production process undertaken
- A technical approach : study and analysis of the technical environment of the company and a good knowledge of business software packages .
The integration of a technical solution is accompanied by a comprehensive reflection on the technical environment of the company, but also on the organization and the division of roles between project management and project management . Synergies progress takes into account all these elements in order to advocate the best solution for the challenges of business and user needs - Participer au choix du logiciel et des applicatifs métiers
- Perform fit solutions to business processes ( setting)
- Maintain organizational adjustments
- Ensure that users appropriate tool by providing training .
Enterprise resource planning ( E.R.P )
business intelligence ( B.I )
Electronic Document Management ( G.E.D )

system Security

Security is not a product, it is a process ... There is thus no product or black box allowing you to protect yourself against everything once and for all, and only a permanent job , you can ensure a level high security . Progress synergies working in this direction and assist you at various levels :

- To identify your security needs,
- To design custom solutions appropriate ,
- To implement safety devices and maintain your security.

The support of SP aims to improve the following: - Availability of your system,
- Integrity and confidentiality of your information,
- Dentification actors .


supervision Progress synergies led project supervision to ensure the availability Heritage SI Group , based on one of the most popular solutions on the market supervision. It revolves around the engine Nagios . objective

• Ensure availability and service levels of the system.
• Preventing failures.
• Ensure rapid ascent information and a duration of minimum intervention
How Supervise ?

Supervision addresses all of the assets of an information system: • The network and its equipment
• Servers
• Devices
• The applications, services (HTTP , SMTP, etc ... )

Supervise why ? • Warn in case of problems .
• Reduce the duration of interventions.
• Provide some problems. • Anticipate solutions and corrective actions.

How to Supervise :
• Analysis of system logs logs
• Retrieving results of local scripts
• Via protocols such as SNMP
• Passive Verification
• Active Checking

OutSourcing Infrastructure

Synergies progress ensures all business needs for services related to technical infrastructure and IT production. Our services include: Study and validation platforms Defining architectures Server consolidation : PRA and High Availability: Login Interconnection computer networks : Management and administration of your system: Management of your network security : Audit of existing environments : Maintenance of your IT infrastructure , your servers:

Integration solutions / web

Synergies progres provides integration , maintenance and evolution of the application of capital clients . Synergies progress with you, partially or completely, in the study phases , design of software architecture , development and deployment of your solution Creating site Internet / intranet : Creating custom online applications , E -commerce Integration software : Our services:

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