Understand the business and the needs of our clients put technology at the service their strategic objectives - ERP
- PLM Product Lifecycle Management
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- Customer Relationship Management : CRM
- Electronic Document Management EDM
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Synergies Progres acquired on behalf of Group companies , the Software SAGE ERP X3 PREMIUM edited by SAGE . ERP applications , new generation represent a transformative opportunity for the company . Sage ERP X3 Premium provides all the benefits of ERP, while being faithful to the principles of simplicity and flexibility : Simple and fast integration , whatever the organization ( centralized, decentralized , international or national ... ) and the information system already in place

PLM Product Lifecycle Management

Offer Synergies Progress is being validated for choosing a solution


The offer is Synergies Progress is aligned with the three main levels of BI: Strategic , Tactical and Operational . Progress brings synergies Council Jobs (needs analysis , definition of business indicators , ... ) from all directions . Synergies Progres provides administrative services and application of data warehouse in decision logic Third MaintenanceApplicative


SynergiesProgres offers its customers the integration service GED Open Source solution , mainly aimed at : Facilitate collaborative work between different project stakeholders Overcoming barriers hampering the exchange of documents Standardize , centralize and organize the identification means Documents


Identify, attract and retain customers , represent a key factor in the success of the company. Build and develop relationships with them is a challenge, especially when the company has thousands communicating therewith to multiple ways. Synergies Progress offers companies the opportunity have a 360 ° view of their relationship with their customers

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